List of Articles (PDF Files)

God, Meet Emmitt "As a young man, Emmitt Smith was forced to choose
between his church and himself..."

Forgetting the Men with the Pink Triangle "Between 1934 and 1945 the
Nazis rounded up ten to fifteen thousand gay men in Europe and sent
them to work camps, where they tortured every one and castrated and
killed many. Those prisoners were forced to wear a pink triangle..."

Losing Our Religion: Why Progressives Must Reclaim Christianity
"The idea of Christianity is so strong in the United States that social
change may not even be possible without its support..."

The Life of An Oyster Company
"“THE PAPERWORK put the old folks out; the hard work put the new folks out,” said Larry Toomer at the beginning of a 16-hour day, explaining why the Bluffton Oyster Company, which he runs with his wife, Tina, is still around when every other local operation has folded."
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