Crockett's engrossing memoir of working on a tall ship as it circumnavigates the globe has more than enough nautical detail for Patrick O'Brian fans, but its lasting pleasures derive from more modern sensibilities.” 
Publishers Weekly, February 21, 2005

“Sure to please armchair sailors and weathered old salts . . . Crockett has crafted an excellent read. At times comical, other times poetic, and always entertaining, fans of both good literature and real-life adventure alike will find something of worth within these pages. Highly recommended!” 
Jason Muir, Pacific Yachting Magazine, January, 2005

“Crockett's book was delightful, even for a non-boating person such as myself.” 
Jane Fishman, Connect Savannah, January 19, 2005

“There are gale-force winds, sea sickness, broken bones (all in the first day in fact), but more than the expected sailing saga . . . [Crockett] lets us in on his worry, his self-doubt, his weaknesses as well as his moments of levity in a way that few writers do.” 
Käthe Lemon, Outpost Magazine, September/October, 2004

“One would be justified in doubting if there would be any more classic written accounts of old-fashioned seafaring in the tradition of Dana's Two Years Before the Mast or Newby's The Last Grain Race. It is therefore a pleasure to report that Rigel Crockett has produced a first-rate account . . . and it stands squarely in that tradition.” 
Captain David V. V. Wood USCG (Ret.), Sail Training International Magazine, Summer, 2004

“This is definitely a book that anyone who has entertained notions of proper sailing should read.” 
Peter Nowak, The Globe and Mail (Travel) June 26, 2004

“I admire Crockett’s grasp of language and effective prose . . . Fair Wind and Plenty of It is a good read. Crockett is a good writer and we should hope to see more from him.” 
Gordon Laco, The Globe and Mail (Books) May 29, 2004 

"A wonderful tale of adventure at sea and a fascinating contemporary account of life aboard a square-rigger, with all its joys, hardships and danger."
Derek Lundy, author of Godforsaken Sea and The Way of a Ship

"What a world-sweeping, rollicking, storm-battered, easy-cruising, obsession-driven, mutinous sun-dazzled tangle of adventures is this yarn! Brilliantly, vividly told. I was carried away by it..."
George Dawes Green, author of The Caveman’s Valentine and The Juror

"Fair Wind and Plenty of It is filled with all those things that make high-seas adventure such terrific reading - sailors struggling against the remorseless sea and the confines of a ship, the clash of personalities, coming of age and the breathtaking adventure of driving a wind-ship clear around the globe."
James L. Nelson, author of the Revolution at Sea and Brethren of the Coast Series

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